Server Management Services

Initial cPanel Software Installation

Professional installation & basic operational configuration of cPanel control panel on a VPS/dedicated server.

cPanel Server Security Hardening

Security hardening of cPanel based server. Other server variations can be secured accordingly in line with this standard of security, however would classed as a standard server management request and billed hourly.

cPanel Version Upgrades

If you're running older version of cPanel then we can upgrade this to the latest version if required. Depending on your current version and what customisations have been performed, this needs to be assessed and priced on a per-server basis. We offer free estimates for this work, outlining what is required, what the implications are and any costs involved.

Server Migrations - Per Account

Our staff are very experienced with the migration of accounts between servers. Whether you're upgrading to a newer, faster server or switching between control panels or even server providers, our staff are able to provide the services you require to ensure a smooth transition with as little disruption to your clients as possible.

cPanel Addon Installation - Per Addon

CSF, Imunify, SitePad, Softaculous, etc.

Fault Troubleshooting & Rectification

You can never predict when a fault will occur on your server, which is why our server management staff are on hand to help you out when things go wrong. We can deal with issues ranging from small configuration issues and changes to servers that are failing or have failed and you need to get them back online again.

Basic Monthly Server Management

Monthly management of a dedicated server - includes updates to operating system & control panel as well as regular security & performance auditing

Premium Monthly Server Management

Monthly management of a dedicated server - includes control panel & OS updates, 24/7 uptime monitoring of your services and also includes 2 hrs per month of server general management services